Tom Betts, aka Nullpointer, is an artist, academic and coder with a PhD exploring “the digital sublime in videogames”. He was the lead programmer at game development studio Big Robot, responsible for games such as “Sir, You are being Hunted”, “The Signal From Tolva” and “The light will keep us safe”. Now he runs his own game development studio Nullpointer Games.

He is a published musician, and has performed and delivered talks at international events such as DIGRA, FreePlay, UNITE, Sonar, Rezzed and Indievelopment. He has shown his digital artwork at the ICA, ZKM, New museum(NY) and the Rotterdam film festival and has worked on projects for the Tate, V&A and Southbank Centre. He likes generative systems, green tea, watching films where nothing much happens, the colour grey and ironing.

On this site you can find a semi-regular feed of proc-gen experiments and information on completed games.

You can find him on twitter at @tomnullpointer, and on instagram as @nullpointer_dev.
Some older material is still available on youtube and vimeo and the old nullpointer site is archived here (more details on my art career and some music stuff)

You can contact me at the obvious email address (This is my website, my name is tom).